PICNIC is now . . . .

About Us

PICNIC is a dress boutique located in the heart of Portland, Oregon based on a love for feminine vintage inspired designs. Curated from small batch brands both here and abroad, our goal is to invite our customers to connect with  playful colors and elegant styles that bring a sense of life and fit real figures. Starting right before the pandemic, our is not a shallow vibe of positivity, but a deep, rich acknowledgement that the colors and patterns in our own lives are layered with struggle, grief and joy, often all together. In the grayness of the Pacific Northwest's climate, we offer our concept as place of connection and hope. 

The name PICNIC was inspired by a memory I have of my late mother, Sharon, who instilled in me a love for design. One of my favorite memories of our time together was helping her memorize lines for a play she was in when I was just learning to read. The play was the 1953 classic, Picnic, by William Inge. It is for her and the other women in my family tree, who loved me amidst the colors and patterns of the 40's-70's, that this concept is in honor of.