PICNIC began as a dream in the midst of a dreary Portland winter. I had recently recovered from breast cancer treatment, my hair only a few inches long. Not only was I longing for a change of pace from my 20 years in the corporate world - but for all things feminine, lovely, and soul nurturing. To own my time, and my life, in a new way.
Soon after, I stumbled across some clothing brands that seemed to capture this ethos perfectly. The playful styles, natural fabrics and colorful prints invited me back to remember what was most true about me. I found the inspiration I needed to start this store. I packed up all my polyester-blend-wrinkle-free work clothes and changed my employment status. The adventure had begun!
The name PICNIC came to mind as a word that represents the idea of taking time to enjoy the simple things in life – the feeling the sunshine on your skin, a lovely environment to relax in; a favorite cotton sundress. The moments where time seems to stand still, whether it’s with friends, with nature, or re-connecting with yourself. Our team formed in friendship around my dining room table as we put this concept together. We invite you to join us, as we delight in celebrating all things lovely this summer!

Kristin Jones ~ Founder